Wings As Eagles: A day spent with Grandma

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A day spent with Grandma

Last Saturday was a busy day! I went to Dodge early in the morning to the Farmer's Market hoping to find small cucumbers that we could use for pickles. Sadly I didn't find any, so I guess we will just have the to eat the large ones we canned and live off store pickles until next year.

Then I had a couple of stops to make for clothing alterations for a couple of ladies I am sewing for. Then it was back home to unload my car and reload my car and head to Grandma's house for the rest of the day.

Grandma just loves for us girls to come over and spend the day with her. It helps to pass the time and gives her something to do. We ate at Donna C's for lunch and then went to a fundraiser supper at the senior center for two ladies in the community that have cancer.

I took some banners I had printed Bible verses on and needed to tape them to colored cardstock to work on. I will hang them up in my Sunday School classroom; the kids enjoy seeing the colorful banners when they come in the room on Sunday morning! :)

Let's see...we played Scrabble - Grandma's favorite game and, my, is she a pro at it! I almost, just almost won. I was actually ahead for part of the game - not something that happens very often! I was ahead and winning when she made 39 points with only 3 letters!!! Needless to say, she won again, but one of these days, I will!! :)

It was a long, eventful and fun day! I left for Dodge at 7 am that morning and didn't get home from Grandma's until after 7 that evening! But the great part is that Grandma sent home a jar of pickles with me, which by no great surprise are all gone now! Maybe I should go to Grandma's more often!! :)


  1. looks like you practically moved in... =) I'm sure Grandma didn't mind though!

  2. Aw how fun!! I wish my grandma lived close enough for visits like that!! :)

    And I love pickles, but I can't believe how fast you guys can eat them! :)



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