Wings As Eagles: How thankful I can be for Father's Day!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

How thankful I can be for Father's Day!

Today is Father's Day. A special day, giving my thanks and appreciation to that special man in my life who has made such a impact on me and taught me so much.

As I was talking to my Grandma this past week, she asked me if we had any special plans for Father's Day to which I answered with, "No, not really." And we both talked about how Mother's Day gets lots of mention and attention, but Father's Day does not quite get the special consideration it really deserves. Fathers are special just as much as mothers and play significant roles in the lives of their children.

To which my Dad most certainly falls in that category. How blessed I am to have such a person who I can lean on and depend on, knowing the sound advice and guidance he gives me has my best in mind. When I seem swamped with problems I am dealing with, a talk with Dad usually results in those becoming much smaller issues than my mind had them envisioned.

How thankful I am that I have a Christian father who along with Mom, raised my sisters and I to love the Lord and put Him first in our lives. Someone who not only taught us the Word of God, but also continually lives for Him, setting for his daughters a godly example everyday.

Someone who willingly took the role of substitute teacher when the real teacher was gone for the day. Someone who bought bucket calves for us to bottle feed and helped us through the months of feeding them. Someone who without complaint drove to change a flat tire I had the first day of work.

Someone who, with great concern and fear, drove on slick, icy roads to pull me out of the ditch on a cold winter night. Someone who keeps my car in perfect working order, including keeping the tank full of gas. Someone who has no interest or knowledge in sewing, but patiently listens to my concerns and problems. Someone who fixes my computer cable over and over again and invents ways to hang my thread cover on the wall and my video camera from the ceiling. Someone who probably gets tired of fixing our curling irons, cell phone cords and other things we bring to him, but willingly does it.

Someone whose heart is broken and grieving over the loss of Mom, confidently says, "God is in control. God's will is best. We must continue on with what God has for us to do." And not only does he say that, but he shows us that in every way he can, even though it seems as his world has been torn apart.

Someone who faithfully reads and studies God's Word and teaches us through words and actions to do the same. Someone who guides our family in every area of our lives. Someone who God had given sound wisdom to pass onto his daughters.

I have so many past memories of family times spent with Dad, some bringing smiles and laughter and other sorrow and pain, but through it all, Dad was there. Dad has been such an important part in the lives of my sisters and myself, even more so in the past couple of years. And Lord-willing, we will have many more years together, making many more memories.

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  1. awww! that brought tears to my eyes! I agree... we have the BEST Dad in the whole wide world! (sounds like I still have the mind of a 5-year!)


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