Wings As Eagles: Good News Camp Week 1: The week in review

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Good News Camp Week 1: The week in review

Week 1 of Good News Camp is over and week 2 will soon begin. Jena and I arrived home late Friday evening and will be leaving tomorrow afternoon again for another week. We apparently were extremely tired since we both fell asleep in the family room around 1pm today and didn't wake up (or I should say force ourselves to get up) until about 4:30. But laundry is done, meals for Dad planned and after packing up a few things tomorrow, we'll be ready to go for another week!

We don't have a number yet of how many kids were saved last week, but I know personally of at least 6-7. It was a busy week and there were some kids that I wish we could have had another week since some go back to broken and rough homes.

And of course there some sweet little ones that I've seen for a couple of years and continue to return every year. There was one boy in particular that told Jena something that was just too funny! He had brought Benadryl with him for allergies if needed and Jena, being the nurse for the week, had the medicine with her and he could come get it when needed.

One day he came up to Jena and told him that his friend needed one of the Benadryl and he wanted to share one of them because his friend's eyes were watery, nose was running and he was sniffling. Jena just smiled to herself and told him that she would check on his friend and give one to him if he needed it.

In reality his friend was really homesick and therefore the tears, watery eyes and sniffles. Out of concern for his friend, he thought the Benadryl would help. Jena just chucked when she told me about it. :)

You can see more photos and video clips here...

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