Wings As Eagles: Skittles: loyal, always there/ Lord Jesus Christ: loves me, never leaves me

Friday, July 4, 2008

Skittles: loyal, always there/ Lord Jesus Christ: loves me, never leaves me

my precious little kitty (rather plump in the tummy area right now!)

guarding her toys

always right beside me

wanting me to pay attention to her

wants to be in or on whatever I'm working on

Animals are loyal to their owners, just about no matter what! Skittles follows me around the house wherever I am working and sits right beside me, especially if I am doing something on the floor.

She is my constant companion, loving me no matter what I seem to do to her (unless it's squirting her with the water gun when she's in trouble - then she is on the run in the opposite direction of me in a flash!)!

When I ignore her, she meows, rubs against me, sits directly on keyboard, making it more than clear that she is being ignored and would like some of my attention.

It just reminds me of God's love for me. He's consistent, He loves me no matter what, He is always by my side. And even though I fail and disappoint Him daily, I KNOW without a doubt, He is waiting to forgive me and help me in the future.

When I ignore Him and push Him out of my life, He brings little reminders to not let me forget that He is always there and needs to be first and foremost in my life. At that time, in that moment, I may not appreciate that reminder or want to change that area of my life that I need to change, but I KNOW He has my best in mind.

Just as Skittles is always right beside me, trying to get my attention, so is my Lord and Savior! Never leaving me, always reminding me He is right there and I need to be listening to Him! What a comfort that is!

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