Wings As Eagles: Just too cute for words!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just too cute for words!

Even though Skittles little kitten is black and not the Siamese coloring I wanted, he is still so cute!!! And because pictures can describe this so much better than words, here they are!

The other evening I walked into my room, glanced at the kitten's bed and didn't see him there. I walked toward my dresser, glanced across the room and spotted this little black spot curled up in my stuffed bear on the floor!

There he is!!! :)

Skittles sleeping nearby under the bed...

The next morning I woke up, jumped out of bed, making sure I didn't land on the little black ball of fur and again, saw that little black spot all curled up in that white teddy bear! I soon discovered that when Skittles was not in my room, this little black kitten found a new mother to curl up next to and sleep! Just about every time I walk into my room...there he is!

And the funny thing is that he will play with the paws
of that's so hilarious to watch it!

He likes to play with his mama also,
even if she deserts him half of the time!!

Skittles will hide around the corner of my closet
and all of a sudden jump out at her kitten!

How can you resist picking up and cuddling a cute little kitten like this...and you know what?!?! I just thought of a name that might work for this little black one...I'll have to think about that....:)


  1. Wow! That is so cute! What fun to have a kitten around.

  2. How did I miss these pictures before?! The ones of him "hiding" with the bears are just so cute, and what cute pictures of you!



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