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Friday, August 22, 2008

Why did it take me so long????

You would think I could figure out a simple matter such as this, but it took me almost two weeks of wrestling with it before it finally clicked in my head!

Ever since I bought my ipod, I knew it was missing something: wireless technology. About every piece of computer equipment I have now is wireless and those little wires connected my ipod to my ears just get in the way at times. Why can't they invent a device to make my ipod bluetooth compatible??

I thought they had and kinda sorta they did, just not according to my standards! You see I wanted something small that will fit in my ear so it's hidden and I won't look totally ridiculous when I'm wearing it as I am shopping. Then I won't have this little white wire connecting my ear to my pocket! :)

I came across this bluetooth adapter that plugs into my ipod port and would make it bluetooth compatible to a stereo headset, so of course I was thrilled and bought one off of eBay. Just what I had been waiting for!!! Perfect!!! I was so excited and could hardly wait for it to get here!

Received it in the mail and tried over and over to connect it with my bluetooth headset. I tried everything over several days time and could not get it to connect. I even resorted to reading the directions and still no success. Ok, maybe the bluetooth headset I had wasn't able to pair with the device, so I ordered a different one and tried it. (Thankfully I did need a different one anyway, in addition to the ipod issue!) Surely a phone, headset and ipod bluetooth adapter all bearing the Motorola brand would connect to each other, right?

Well, not quite. The phone and headset, no problem, but not the ipod.

Finally I went back online, did some more research and checking and ordered a different kind of adapter to connect to my ipod from another company.

After a several day wait, it arrived in the mail and I again tried pairing it with my headset. No connection made. Ok, reread the directions. Still nothing. Ok, try Jena's ipod since it is newer than mine. Nope, that's not it. Hmmm....I'm stumped! Ok, stop, think on it for a couple of days, recharge every device I now own and try again later.

So one evening this week I set aside a couple of hours and decided I was going to figure this thing out and get it to connect or figure out why it wouldn't. I sat down with my computer, two headsets, two ipods, two bluetooth adapters and multiple sheets of instructions.

I tried connecting anything and everything and I could not pair any ipod with any headset. I kept looking online, reading, typing questions into Google, jumping from page to page trying to figure out why in the world I couldn't get a connection.

Finally it hit me as I reread the listing for the adapter I bought: Ipod Bluetooth Stereo Adapter.

Yes, stereo adapter. How many times did I read that little six letter word and it didn't click??? All the times I tried connecting, rereading the directions, researching Motorola's website, purchasing these headsets and adapters online...did it ever dawn on me that the headsets I had, not a stereo headset??? (Non-technical meaning: A stereo audio connection is two lines of lines of streaming audio, but mono is only one line of streaming audio.)

In a Just plain no.

That's why I said before, "they did, just not according to my standards". To make these little adapters work correctly they will only pair with a stereo headset such as this or this. Which I would feel much less awkward with little white wires connecting my ear to my pocket than one of those on my head while shopping at the mall.

At least I did figure it out. Anybody need a bluetooth ipod adapter or bluetooth headset? I seem to have collected a couple extra!!! :) So much for my brilliant idea.....

Maybe I should start searching Google for a way to stream stereo audio into a mono device....hmmm....or maybe I should just give up considering how much time I have already spent on this issue. Yep, that's probably the best idea.

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