Wings As Eagles: List accomplished!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

List accomplished!

For the most part I was able to get done everything I wanted to in addition to a couple others things. I started the brisket first thing in the morning, answered email and then started on the freezer. Defrosting the freezer wasn't such a big deal, but organizing and writing down everything I had inside turned out to take longer than I planned.

I took everything out, making notes as I removed things, what I had, where I put it and when I bought it. After the ice finally melted, I wiped down the shelves and door and started piling things back in. That's when I started arranging what things on what shelves I wanted where.

It was much worse than this...the ice is almost melted at this point.

Mom for the most part always had certain things on a specific shelf and it's stayed that way. I did replace some of the boxes with plastic containers that hold the veggies, doughnuts, cheese and meat. It feels so nice now to be able to slide out those containers instead of having to tug on them to get them out!!!

I stored the food from the freezer in boxes and
covered it in blankets to help keep it cold!

And I organized the bottom drawer so that all the choc. chips, white choc. chips, butterscotch chips, caramels, toffee bits, etc. are all together and in a little pile of their own. We'll see how long that lasts. But as least I have written down how many pkgs. I have of each so I won't have to sort through that whole drawer. And hopefully it will stay organized. Hopefully. Hmmm...I'm not too confident on that bottom drawer, but we'll give it a try.....

getting the ice to melt and cleaning the shelves...

There ended up being water all over that area of the floor and I soaked I don't know how many towels trying to keep the water somewhat contained. Oh, that reminds me....I washed those towels and need to toss them in the dryer....I guess that's one thing on my list not fully accomplished! Back to the wet floor...for some reason the hose in the bottom of the freezer wasn't draining (except it started to when I was completely finished and wanting a dry floor!) and since Dad was out mowing, I didn't want to bother him with it, so I guess the cement floor needed washed anyway!

wonderful, clean, ice-free shelves!

I didn't defrost and clean the box freezer, mainly because it just doesn't ice over near as bad as the upright. But I did sort through, list and organize it. So now I have a list of what I have in each one, on what shelf, how much of it and when I bought it. Now the goal is to maintain it and keep it current!

organized...for the moment, anyway!

After I had things put away in the freezer, I walked upstairs to find Jena cleaning the fridge and then she started on the freezer upstairs. She apparently caught the cleaning bug!! So now all three freezers and the fridge are clean and organized. Hooray for that!

freezer list...multiple pages! :)

As I typed out my list yesterday, I knew there was something I was forgetting. Oh, yes, Zucchini Cake! Karen and Kim, some friends from church, gave us some zucchini and squash on Saturday and so I made two 9x9" cakes. One just plain Zucchini cake and the other I added chocolate chips and coconut. I did add both of those to the freezer to use in the future. Peach cobbler is made and we had some for supper...YUMMY!!!

My cards are written and I did even manage to squeeze in about an hour for filing recipes. I didn't get as much done on my recipe book as I would have liked, but then again, that is a never ending process. I just do bits at a time and add more as I get the chance.

So all in all, it was a busy, eventful, efficient and wonderful Labor Day Monday!

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  1. Serena, you are such an inpsiration to me! I love reading about all the things you accomplish. It helps inspire me to tackle my own 'to do' list. There is no better feeling than a perfectly clean refrigerator and freezer. I know how much work that is, and you did a beautiful job!


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