Wings As Eagles: Tackling this month - the freezer! And on Labor Day too!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Tackling this month - the freezer! And on Labor Day too!!!

I've decided to divide up some of the things I need to really clean or organize around our house into each month. Most of these things I just do as I have time or when it gets to the point that I have to do it or must find time to do it. So if I work on a room or a few projects every month, I should be able to get through my list.

I read Laura's Organizing blog frequently and find lots of tips for organization. That just makes me want to tackle some of those projects and sometime I just can't find time to get to them, but hopefully little by little I will.

So what is a better start than the first day of September - Labor Day?!?!?! Technically for most people it's a day off, a day of vacation, but in my working world, I can work just about anytime, any day, anywhere, so it's hard for me to actually take a vacation. Just ask people who know me; they will tell you that! :) (Yes, yes, that one person who is reading this knows exactly what I am talking about!)

My goal for this month is to tackle the upright freezer downstairs that needs cleaned, defrosted and organized. Plus I also need to resort and reorganize Dad's den and my inventory room. It's getting to the point where I have more inventory and need a more efficient way of storing it.

My list for today is as follows. My main job will be tackling the freezer, but I'm hoping to get lots of other things done as well.
  • Defrost and clean the freezer. It's getting to the point where there is so much ice covering the shelves that I can hardly slide the baskets in and out, which means time to defrost.
  • Type up a freezer list of items & dates. I've been making notes for what I have in the freezer the last couple of weeks planning to type up a running list of what I have in there, when I put it in and what I have used or need to buy more of. Although I pretty much keep in mind what I have inside, it would be much easier to release that memory bank from my brain (and fill it up with something else - I'm sure I can find something!) and write it out on paper. Plus it would just be so much more organized!
  • Cook brisket for lunch. I've had brisket in the freezer which needs to be cooked and we haven't had that for a while, so it's time!
  • Bake peach cobbler with peaches from the garden. Yesterday Dad picked up a ton of peaches off the ground that the wind blew off the tree, so I need to do something with those. Making a cobbler should be a piece of cake since Dad even cut and peeled the peaches yesterday! Wow!!! Thanks Dad!!! :)
  • Sort and file recipes. I have multiple new recipes I've tried which need to be filed. Plus little by little I am transferring Mom's recipes to my binder, so hopefully I can gather up those recipes flying around the kitchen and print the ones I have stored online that I like.
  • Write two letters. I need to write a couple of encouraging notes to a couple ladies to put in the mail on Tuesday; shouldn't take too long.
Oh, and I will have to check my email this morning before I get the day started. Sorry folks, I just can't not do that. I'll probably spend 30 min. to an hour sorting through and responding to email from over the weekend. But email is a given. It's like getting up in the morning and brushing your teeth. You wouldn't think of getting up and NOT brushing your teeth. It's the same way with email for me. :)


  1. Now, who might this "one person" be???:)


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