Wings As Eagles: Last week, laundry, sliding glass doors and new recipes

Monday, September 1, 2008

Last week, laundry, sliding glass doors and new recipes

Last week I was able to finish quilting my mje quilt for my online classes and am so thrilled to finally have it finished!!! I still have one side of binding to tack down, but at least it's quilted, my instructions written and lessons videotaped! I've been doing marathon quilting and it is really exhausting to do that much quilting all in one stretch! But that finished feeling is most certainly worth it! Now I just have to find a nice day with no wind so I can photograph it outside! :)

As I was doing a second load of laundry last Tuesday, I opened the dryer to find one of Dad's shirts wrapped around a hanging piece of metal and several wires sticking out inside the dryer. So naturally, my first words to Dad when he came for lunch is, "Something is wrong with the dryer; there's wires sticking out in there." The last several months, I've had to run the dryer twice on several loads and told Dad it was probably giving out!

Come to find out, we purchased that washer and dryer in 1989 - almost 20 years ago! It's lasted just about as long as Krissa's lifetime! Wow!!! We bought a new set to replace this almost ancient set and it should be delivered this week sometime. With new electronic features - I'm looking forward to it!

Friday I walked upstairs into the family room and discovered a completely open doorway to the porch. Skittles and Tibbles were upstairs and Skittles was guarding that door, making sure her little kitten didn't sneak outside. Dad took off the sliding glass doors and replaced the rollers which needed to be done and makes the doors much easier to slide back and forth.

I always set aside Friday to do baking, cooking and cleaning, so this last Friday I tried a couple of new recipes. I can't say any of them turned out wonderful, but I made some improvements so I will try them again sometime. I've been scouring the Internet for recipes with cucumbers since we have had lots of cucumbers from the garden and found this one with bacon and added cucumbers to the mix. I thought it sounded good, especially with the bacon to add some flavor, but Jena said it was just ok.

Then Krissa made some butterhorns for a get-together last week and said they turned out well. I haven't made those for a while and they sounded yummy, so I mixed together a batch Friday morning. I can't say they turned out the greatest. I wanted some for Friday lunch, so I baked part of the dough and didn't let them refrigerate overnight as the recipe directed. Those did not rise at all and were flat as a pancake. Good flavor, just no fluff to them. I did refrigerate the remaining dough and baked the rest on Saturday, which did much better.

I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but Krissa's much have turned out better than mine!! Yikes!!! Don't tell her I said that!!! After all this is my wonderful little sister who we teased that she couldn't tell the difference between salt and sugar, stuck a metal lid to the kitchen counter and couldn't get it off and can't cook without a whole mess of dishes overflowing the sink! I don't think she reads my blog regularly, so hopefully she will miss this post!!! And if you don't mention it to her and I don't mention it to her, then she won't know that some of her kitchen skills *might* actually be better than mine! Shhh...don't tell!!! :)

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