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Friday, November 7, 2008

Little mini cupcakes!

Last Sunday JoBeth in my Sunday School class had a birthday, so since I made cookies for Samantha a couple month's ago, I would be in huge trouble if I did not bring anything for her sister!

I decided on cupcakes this time - little mini ones. I used a chocolate cake mix with this recipe I love using! I've used this recipe several times with cakes, but never with cupcakes until now. And it does keep the cupcakes moist and yummy, preventing them from drying out.

mini chocolate cupcakes

After I froze the cupcakes to make them easier to frost, I whipped up this frosting recipe and frosted the cupcake tops with the white fluffy stuff.

fluffy white tops!

I mixed one bowl of white with some purple coloring and another with yellow coloring and that's where the fun begins...

purple petals!

I used the purple to make six little loops to create petals. The first few were a little lopsided, but the more I did the better they looked! I can't say that all were perfectly shaped loops, but close to it!

yellow swirls!

After the purple petals, came the yellow swirl. This served several purposes: (1) what flower doesn't have a center?, (2) it needed more color and (3) it covered up all the mistakes of joining the petals in the center.

They turned out wonderful and of course my Sunday School class enjoyed it! I also had lots of fun doing it as well!

Then I had some leftover cake batter and I wanted to try baking with Silicone. I've never had any Silicone bakeware and I'm not quite sure where I picked these little decorative pans up, but I poured my leftover batter into those and gave it a try.

I did some checking online whether I would need to spray the pans or sprinkle with flour and I pulled up various results. I wanted the baked cakes to pop right out of the pans without having to dig them out, so I sprayed two and sprayed and floured two. Both came right out after I let them cool for a while without an ounce of trouble. Next time I think I will try not using any non-stick and see what happens.

I also read that Silicone does not always bake evenly, but I did not have any trouble with that. They seemed to bake just as well as any metal pans. And it was much easier to just flip the cakes out of the pans than metal ones. Plus cleaning them was a breeze compared to metal pans. They puffed up a little but too much as you can see below, but I had a little too much batter and know I overfilled the pans a little. But at least they didn't overflow in my clean oven! :)

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  1. Everything looks delicious and beautiful! I have been curious about silicone bakeware myself, but have heard so many bad reports that I have been reluctant to try them. They seemed to work just fine for you, so I just might pick some up during the after-Christmas sales this year.


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