Wings As Eagles: 10th Anniversary Church Celebration

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

10th Anniversary Church Celebration

This past weekend was busy one - the 10th Anniversary of Grace Community Church! There were months of planning by many people into Saturday and Sunday. It's sad to see the months of planning over in just two days, but for those involved in all the planning, we are glad it went well and it is done and over with!

Saturday evening was, "A walk down memory lane..." with a foodcourt style meal consisting of the potato bar, GCC cafe and old fashioned ice cream floats. We were planning for 180 people to attend out evening get-together of a huge picnic - quite a bunch! Jena and I were part of the kitchen staff and laughed through the whole evening! We had a blast doing the "work" that was so much fun!

After we did some of the prep work in the kitchen, we were taking charge over the cafe stand handing out hamburgers, hot dogs and all the condiments that go with it! One of the best parts about our job is that we get to see and talk to everyone as they pass by.

After Saturday night, we tore down all the picnic decor and started putting up all the harvest decor for Sunday morning. It was a busy night, but went quickly since we had several people helping with all the tearing down and putting up. Plus all the funny moments just enhanced the evening!

A couple ladies at our church have a wonderful ability to design, decorate and organize! We were just so amazed at all the decorations they came up with and how they designed the entire weekend!

Here's some photos from the can see more here.

part of the kitchen crew

grilling the hot dogs and hamburgers

chatting before the crowd arrives

our station - the GCC Cafe

The food is ready and so are where is everyone?

Here they come!

Megan, me, Jena

We are now open for business!

not too difficult....

Don't forget about the ice cream floats!

the potato bar workers

all ready for Sunday!

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