Wings As Eagles: Tackling this month: the bathroom part 2

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tackling this month: the bathroom part 2

More work on the bathroom today. Dad was able to get the bathroom painted off white. It's amazing what a couple coats of paint can do. Once that paint was on the walls, the bathroom just seemed so much larger.

Dad painting the walls

Skittles did not like the smell of fresh paint,
but as always, she want to be right where I am,
so she sat right outside the door, watching what
was going on inside. Do you see the woodwork
around the door and how it has yellowed over
35 years? Definitely in need of paint!

This morning, I started out with this color of paint. I kept sponging on paint, but in my mind, I knew that was not the color I wanted on the walls. While it matched the bathroom fixtures, it was not the gold I had in mind. Jena and Dad (yes, even Dad!) agreed, so after a quick trip to Dodge for different paint, I just painted up a storm of options!

Most certainly not THAT color!

Option A: yellow with gold overlay

Option B: yellow base with gold and green overlay

Option C: Perhaps just green??

Option D: I think this is the gold I had in mind! (Thanks, Jen!)

Option E: What about gold with slight touch of green?

Needless to say, I had lots of fun playing with paint on the walls before I finally decided what looked the best. Dad was just totally thrilled to paint over all the area of the walls where I played with paint (not!)! The only thing he told me was I couldn't make any mistakes because he was just about out of white paint. :)

My painting options on this wall...

...and on this wall...

...and on this wall.

Because of all the little areas in bathrooms,
painting it can be a challenge, but I got started and
made some great progress sponging on the gold - option D!

See how well the gold matches the mirror edging?! Perfect!

That's as far as I got today...the plan is to finish up everything as far as painting tomorrow and get the bathroom back in order.

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