Wings As Eagles: Tackling this month: the bathroom part 3

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tackling this month: the bathroom part 3

Ok, today the plan was to finish and we did! And it looks so wonderful! More photos are here.

My foamboard to catch the extra paint from the sponge
was quite covered by the time I was finished!

If only there was a counter all around the bathroom - that
was the perfect height to stand on, paint and
be able to reach the whole wall as I did yesterday! :)

Quite fun! :)

Sponging an open wall is one thing, but the edges
are quite another! Just try to get paint clear up to the ceiling,
but not on the ceiling?! A challenge, for sure!

Where is a touch-up needed?

Finished! The "after"

Wonderfully nice!! :)

Just look at those cabinets?!?! So nice after what they looked like here!

The painting is done and difficult work is done. I've ordered blinds for the windows and need to pick up towels and rugs in the light sage green color and that will be done. Then I need to start hunting for fabric for a valance to put at the top of the window and a few things to put on the walls. But the majority is finished! Hip, hip, hooray! :)

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  1. Serena, the bathroom looks fantastic! I really like your selection of the gold paint. I would probably have been reluctant to be that bold, but it looks so good that I'm going to keep that in mind for a little painting project I need to do!


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