Wings As Eagles: Snow, bread, cookies, pizza and potato soup

Friday, December 5, 2008

Snow, bread, cookies, pizza and potato soup

It was the perfect day for cooking and baking. I started early in the morning after my morning routine of checking email and all my online stops. Little snowflakes started to fall and slightly cover the ground and I'm thinking how wonderful it would be to stay home for the evening instead of shopping in Dodge and then my quilt guild Christmas party (although I was looking forward to that!). Who wants to get outside in the snow and wind??? :)

There really ARE snowflakes in the air!

Snow, snow, snow!

Anyway, I had to fix potato soup, bread rolls and cookies to fulfill my part of our guild's Christmas party. I was rather concerned about exactly how I was going to keep the soup hot since I had some shopping to do in town before my meeting.

I love to use the crock pot, so fixing the soup in that was no big deal, and even transporting it for 30 minutes into town would be no big issue. It can easily stay simmering hot for that long. But what about keeping it hot in the car with it blowing snow outside for 3 hours? I wasn't quite sure about that until.....I thought of my power outlet!

I always keep a power outlet in the car. It's just one of those things you have to have when you are driving. Just like my purse, cell phone, Ipod and computer. Now, I know I can use my computer when driving (even though Dad thinks I can't - I did on our Alabama trip and it worked just fine. :)) If I can do that, surely I can plug in a crock pot and keep soup hot or even cook soup!

Guess what?!?! It worked! And not only did it work, but it kept the soup hot! Although while I was shopping I did envision walking back out to the car, seeing it engulfed in flames or climbing into the front seat only to discover that I blew a fuse somewhere and my car wouldn't start (I DID do that one time with two computers plugged in!).

But to my relief every time I checked it as I got back in the car, all was well. Now I have all kinds of ideas for things I can do while in the car. If I have electricity, then there's not much you can't do. Although now there just needs to be some kind of universal wireless Internet available US wide. Then I'll be completely happy!

Oh...the next time you see a silver car on the Interstate, with the driver curling her hair while watching a DVD, that's me! Just wave and if I have a free hand I'll wave back! :) (Ok, I'm just kidding about the curling iron and DVD part.)

bread rolls - yummy!

pizza for lunch

M&M cookies which didn't turn out quite so well...

potato soup


  1. Serena, I laughed so hard reading this post. I can just picture you curling your hair in the car. ;)

  2. I must admit, keeping a crock pot of soup (mmmmmm, potato soup--my FAVORITE) warm while running errands before a potluck sounds like a really good idea. Only you would think of something like that!

    By the way, would you consider posting your recipe for potato soup (only if you want to, and only if it isn't a treasured family secret)?

    I hope your Christmas preparations are coming along well. Take care, Serena!

  3. Yeah, I know, Kris....wouldn't that be a time saver?!?!

    Linda - Sure, I'll try to get the recipe posted this week. I still try perfecting it every time I make it, but it tastes yummy! :)


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