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Saturday, December 13, 2008

What's up for today?

This week it seems I've had very little computer time available. Monday and Tuesday seem like ages ago and I'm not quite sure exactly what I did those days, but I know I was busy. Wednesday was our Kid's Club Christmas party and I spent part of the day getting my lesson material ready for Thursday.

Thursday I taught an extension meeting with Janice Unruh on Wearable Art & Embellishment. It went really well and we had a variety of different garments and wearables to show ways for embellishment. Half of the day I was in Dodge and then the other half I spent at Grandma's.

Friday I had planned to get some things done in the kitchen and finish up with some Christmas decorations in the family room, but instead I spent my time doing computer work, catching up from being offline Wednesday and Thursday, and moved my other stuff to today.

First I made a coconut cream pie for someone at church. Thank goodness for neighbors who had some coconut as I disocvered we were out, right when I was in the middle of baking the filling!

I thought it turned out very well!

We haven't had meatloaf for a while, and since I had thawed several pounds of hamburger to cook, I took some of that and made a loaf for this week and then a couple smaller loaves to put in the freezer for future use.

I tried a new recipe for the meatloaf so we'll see how it turns out. I was never a fan of the way Mom made it, so I hope this is an improvement.


Then I cooked several pounds of hamburger to keep in the freezer. I used the last of my cooked hamb. before Thanksgiving, but haven't had a chance to cook some more until now. Coming up with some quick recipes without hamb. the last couple of weeks have been a challenge! :) But I did manage to use up quite a few things I had in the freezer.

cooked hamb. ready for the freezer

With some of the hamburger I was going to make lasanga to put in the oven during church tomorrow, but Dad decided that he wanted to eat out after church so I didn't do that. But I was trying to find the lasanga recipe I used last time. I was sure I found it on, but I hunted my recipe box there and didn't find it. I scoured all my cookbooks and Mom's books looking for it and finally found it!

It's a good thing I didn't plan on making it today as by the time I finished looking for the recipe, it was time to move onto something else. And the reason for that was that I got a little distracted while looking online. Never fails. If I ever need to kill time, just get online.

The day I have time to kill will never come, but I sure know how to do it if I would ever need to in the future! :)


I put up most of our Christmas decorations last week, but needed a little something extra to fill in the bookcase shelves. I found a few extra things and combined those with some odds and ins we had and came up with this.

The snowmen on the top and third shelves we've had for quite a while and some of them are my favorites! But I added the little gingerbread collection. Those figures of sugary confection and just so cute and yummy looking! I just love them! Then the candy cane striped candles just added the right touch! Hobby Lobby had such cute things and their weekly half price deals make them even better!

glowing snowing shelves!

Just look at those!

And I love the pom-pom legs!

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  1. I hope your meatloaf turned out well. Meatloaf is such a funny thing--when it's good it's really good, but I've had some bad ones too! Your little snowmen and Christmas figurines are SOOO cute!!!


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