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Saturday, January 10, 2009

I just can't believe it!

I'm starting a new online class in February and have been totally amazed at the number of people who want to stitch the Latte Quilt! Here's a little timeline of events and my thoughts during the past couple of months.

November 24th - Upload LQ Class info, registration, class fees, kits, etc.
Email mailing list of over 250 interested people signed up to receive more info on the class.

November 25th - 12

November 27th (Thanksgiving Day)
Me: "Yeah, I'm totally thrilled! Within 24 hours, I had a dozen people signed up and registered in the class. I'm hoping for around 30 and I'll be totally delighted. My last two online classes had 11, so 30 would be fantastic!!!!"

December 1st - 17

December 10th - 25

December 12th - Me: "Things will slow down as Christmas gets closer. It's such a busy time. But maybe I'll have a few more than 30 like I planned. This will be so much fun; a class full of Latte Quilt stitchers - exciting!!"

December 15th - 40
Dad: "How many do you have signed up so far?"
Me: "40. I think that is a good number. Isn't that amazing how many people want to do this quilt?!?!"
Dad: "Can you handle that many?"
Me: "Yeah, I'm fine with that. I'm sure there won't be many more. But 40 - I never imagined I'd ever have 40 in a class!!!"

December 26th - 55
Me: "Well, a few over 50 is ok."
Dad: "You need to set a limit or you'll be overwhelmed with everythingl."
Me: "Well, things slow down during the holidays and I have a deadline of January 10th, so there won't be too many more."
Dad: "Are you sure?"
Me: "Yeah.....I can't imagine having too many more."

December 29th - Reality sets in. I mean, REALLY sets in.
Me: "I have over 50 people in class. Is this really possible? Oh, it's ok. I can handle it. There may be a couple late nights, but that's ok."

December 30th - I emailed a friend and visited with her about the classes.
Me: "I have over 50, but the deadline is just around the corner, so I'll probably have just a couple more."
Friend: "Think you'll have 100 in class?"
Me: "Oh no! Maybe 70? There's only a little over a week left. I have the majority already. There can't be too many more wanting to join."

December 31st - 60
Dad: " need to set a limit."
Me: "No, Dad, it's alright. I'm ok. Even if I wind up with 75 (which I doubt), I can handle that, I think."

January 1st - Me: "Maybe I should close registration? No, January 10th is the deadline I set and I'd like to stick with that; there won't be too many more in 10 days. Maybe a grand total of 75. I think I'm still ok with that number."

January 3rd - 66
Me: "Only a week til registration closes...I'm still ok for the 75 class limit. There won't be too many people registering in only a week."

January 5th - 72
Me: "Oh my! Oh my! Every few hours that I check email, I have a list of emails downloading saying, New Order, New Order, New Order, etc."

January 6th - 81
Dad: "So, what's the number today?"
Me: "I'm not sure how many exactly cause I haven't uploaded the orders today to the database, but I think maybe I've got about 75. Maybe one or two more this week. No more than 80, I'm sure."

January 7th - 86
Me: "I'm a little behind on email and haven't uploaded everyone yet, so I have a few more...exact number, I'm not sure....maybe around 80?."

January 8th - 95
I announced the local LQ class I am teaching at our quilt guild and commented that I had about 95 registered for the online class.
Me: "Oh, my!!! 95....I can't believe this. Only 1 more day til registration closes. I think 100 is the limit. There can't be but one or two the last day."

January 9th - 105
Me: "How many people can sign up in one day? I can't believe it! The class just keeps filling up."

January 10th - 116
Me: "That's it - the deadline is here! Registration closed."
Dad: "So what are you going to do?"
Me: "Well, you know I may be sitting at my computer all day and all night. I'll just email you from downstairs what's for lunch and you'll have to fix it. ;)"

I think I will be keeping plenty busy over the months ahead!!! But I've never been so excited in all my life!!!! :) And if you ever wonder what I'm doing, wonder no longer - I'm probably sitting in front of a computer screen! ;)


  1. Serena, that is absolutely WONDERFUL!! I am SO HAPPY for you!! Of course, I know that is going to keep you so very busy but still, that is just wonderful. I watched your introductory video and meant to leave a comment to tell you how good the lighting and the backdrop looked--very professional. The latte quilt is really beautiful, and you are such an excellent teacher, that I'm not surprised so many people have registered. Congratulations. I know you will handle it all with your customary professionalism and grace!

  2. How exciting to have so many people register for your class!


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