Wings As Eagles: 8 weeks and counting....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

8 weeks and counting....

Skittles is 8 weeks pregnant, actually 59 days to be exact, so I'm expecting her kittens to arrive anytime. Since she was not the greatest of mother's with her last litter of kittens, I check on her several times throughout the day (not difficult since she's usually near my side!). She just waddles around, following me wherever I am going.

As Dad says, "Here comes your shadow." The other day I was going back and forth from the schoolroom to downstairs and every time I passed through the family room (where Dad was sitting), Skittles was just a few yards behind me, back and forth, back and forth. I seriously can't go anywhere in this house without that cat right behind me.

I'm hoping for some kittens (alive and Siamese! :)) before the end of the week! :)

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  1. Oh, how exciting! Perhaps Skittles will be a better mother this time around!


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