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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Those cute little bunches of white fur

I have been enjoying Skittles kittens so much and they are just so cute. They are just soooo tiny! Since they are still little being born Thursday morning, in another week they will be more fun to play with as right now about all they do is eat, sleep and scream if you pick them up.

Skittles has done really well. So far she seems to be taking good care of them and sticks with them for the majority of the day. It seems as though she has learned something about taking care of kittens with her second litter.

She is very protective of her kittens. If you are not me, myself and I (and sorry, she can see through disguises!), you are entering a danger zone the moment you set foot into my room. If you are brave enough to enter by yourself, you will be growled at, hissed at and very possibly swatted with claws extended or perhaps worse. If you go in with me in view, you might get by with only hisses and growls. But I would advise proceeding with caution.

Jena's had her share of Skittles attacks and Dad just doesn't dare go into my room by himself. Even with me in the room, he won't risk putting his hand near the kittens. Me? I can do just about anything to her kittens and she won't bite, hiss, scratch or growl at me. Guess that shows who she likes, huh?

Here's some pics of the little white babies. Slowly they are getting little gray ears, which means they will be Siamese. Their paws and noses are still that cute, baby pink but should turn darker since Willie (the male) looks exactly like Skittles. I was hoping for more than three, but at least I have three alive, Siamese kittens. Now if they are all female, I'll be thrilled!! :)

You can see some more pics I posted on facebook here.....

happy mommy!

such a cutie!

see the little pink tummy, paws and nose?!

three little babies!

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