Wings As Eagles: Announcing....finally....

Thursday, January 15, 2009



Three little white babies with little pink noses and paws which show great potential of being Siamese! Hip, hip horray! At least they are all alive (so far!) and should prove to be Siamese!

I'll upload some pics as I am able, but for now I have had over 400 yards of fabric and boxes of thread delivered over the last two days that needs to be cut, sorted, put into kits, boxed up and sent out for my upcoming quilt class.

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  1. I know the kittens must be precious. I hope little Skittles is a better mother this time. I know you must be quite busy preparing for your latte quilt class. I am so happy that it has been such a success, and envious of the lucky participants! When my sewing skills get stronger, I hope to purchase an embroidery machine and look forward to taking one of your wonderful classes.


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