Wings As Eagles: The last little bit of my trip

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The last little bit of my trip

Things are going well here and from what I hear from home, things seem to be going ok there as well. Skittles is a little unfriendly toward the girls as usual. Actually she's much worse since I'm not home and her kittens are there without my protection. Poor baby! Krissa said she goes in my room with boots and gloves and a fly swatter, but I really don't think it's that bad. She said Skittles has been rather depressed, so I hope she's ok. I know she hasn't acted like her normal self the last couple of weeks and since I'm gone, that just makes it worse.

This had been my first experience with renting a car and I have to say it was fairly simple until Friday morning (or was it Thursday? - I don't remember) when I started driving from the hotel to the Expo and a light on my dash came on. My first thought was, "Oh great; how in the world am I going to figure that out. Dad is not here."

For those of you who know me, know that all I do is drive my car. Dad is the one who takes care of the gas, tires, oil, etc. And I have to admit, I'm totally clueless. I should know more, but since Dad takes care of everything, why do I need to know what to do? This is exactly why! :)

When I left that night, I looked in the book, saw that it was something to do with the tire pressure and decided that the front tire needed aired up. Help!! I've never in my entire life aired up a tire! So of course, I called Dad, told him what I thought the problem was and asked him how to air up a tire.

I found an air pump, managed to figure out how to pump the air into the tire and hopefully fixed the problem. I never did figure out how much air was in the tire, but at least the light didn't come back on in the car and the tire didn't look as low. Problem solved without too much effort. And now I know how to air up a tire. If I haven't learned anything else here, at least I can now air up a tire. Although, that's not the reason I came to Washington! :)

My days have been busy walking around, looking at the booths (filled with so many exciting things!), visiting with Joanna (whenever she's not busy, which is not too often!) and taking several classes throughout the day. And the break from work is nice. My computer still comes with me (right now I'm typing at the Expo) and I can still keep up with things online, but it's fun to be able to do something different during the day.

It's about 2pm and I have two classes left today and then a little downtime before the show closes at 5 and we head for the airport. Our flight leaves around 8, so we'll have a little available time (i.e. computer/internet time) before flying home. Or I should say home to Denver/Colorado Springs before I head for home/Kansas in the morning.

Last night I started packing up some of my stuff in my room, trying to decide just how much I could get in my checked baggage without going over the 50 limit. Since I don't have scales available, it's just a guess and hopefully I guessed fairly accurately. I will have some heavy carry-on luggage which won't be great, but better than paying an additional $75! I'd rather spend that $75 on something bought here than on luggage flying home.

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  1. I hope you found some wonderful things at the Expo. I am so sorry you had trouble with the rental car, but I'm glad it seemed to be just the tire pressure and not something more serious! I hope your own car can be repaired without too much trouble. I'm just thankful you were not injured when you hit the deer. I'm sure Skittles will be overjoyed to see you! I do hope your return trip is uneventful. Thank you for sharing it all with us!


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