Wings As Eagles: One heading east and the other heading south

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One heading east and the other heading south

Krissa is back in Kentucky this week in the search of the perfect apartment. She was so excited to learn last week that she was being offered the job of assistant editor with Hobby Farms magazine. She will be writing some articles in addition to editing and in charge of layout of the magazine. And then she'll do whatever an assistant editor does. ;)

She is also excited about the fact that the company is launching a new magazine next fall and she will be in on the layout and design of that. She will get to participate, offer suggestions and help with designing the publication and she is thrilled beyond thrilled about that.

In fact last week when she got "the phone call", I was downstairs working and knew she got the job because I soon heard a high-pitched, very excited voice. I couldn't hear *just what* was being said, but the tone of her voice said it all. :)

She will start around the first of April and plans to move east in another week. She's out there now looking into apartments, areas of Lexington and whatever else she needs to do there. Dad may end up going down there to help move her stuff since her little PT Cruiser won't hold everything.

went to OK City two weeks ago and in her words, found "the perfect apartment". She will be rooming with Briann, who has worked at the Meade hospital with her. While she's looking forward to moving and working in a NICU, she still is sad about leaving Meade, the great job she has there and the co-workers and friends at the hospital.

She has several job interviews set up in OK City next week and will soon know after that where she will be working. Her plan is to move down the middle of May and settle in for a week before starting work.

As for me, I'm not moving east, west, north or south; I'm staying right here (and looking forward to all the vacant space being left behind! LOL!!)! Someone has to keep Dad out of trouble! ;)


  1. It sounds like your sisters have some very exciting opportunities ahead of them, but I am sorry they are both moving away from your home town. I am so glad you are able to stay there with your father. I hope Skittles and her little ones are doing well. I am sure they were all overjoyed to see you return from Sew Expo!

  2. I didn't know Krissa was moving to Lexington!?! That is very near where we live! It's a small world after all I guess! :) How funny!



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