Wings As Eagles: Rejoice! Again I say rejoice!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rejoice! Again I say rejoice!

Some days just go beautifully (few and far between it seems in my life, but there are days!), with things getting done and no major issues throughout the day. And then there are days when nothing seems to go correctly, when it seems as though I can't get anything done as planned.

That's the way I've felt the last couple of days. I can't even pin-point anything or say exactly what or why, but I am out of energy, exhausted and my ambition seems to have dwindled. Such is life, but I can still rejoice!

It's those times that I feel overwhelmed, exhausted and unable to accomplish anything, that God reminds me that He's my strength. He is the source of my joy. When I come to the end of my rope, He's there to encourage and strengthen. And to remind me to rejoice!

I have so much in which I can rejoice! My Savior loves me and died to save me! I have a wonderful, loving and godly family. My daily work activities are something I love doing. I have wonderful friends and four furry friends that are a constant joy. God has blessed me beyond measure, so I can rejoice!

Rejoice! Even when I don't feel like it.

Rejoice! Even when my day doesn't go as planned.

Rejoice! Even when I'm tired and depressed.

Rejoice! God created this day and given me another day to live and serve Him.

Rejoice! Because if I'm rejoicing, my negative attitude disappears. Try it; it works! :)

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  1. This is such an important reminder, especially right now. Thank you, dear Serena!

  2. Thanks for a great reminder!


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