Wings As Eagles: 8 weeks old already!

Friday, March 13, 2009

8 weeks old already!

My sweet little baby kittens are growing so fast and now being 8 weeks old, they are ready to move to their adoptive homes. But how can I choose which one I want to keep and how can I give any one of the three away? They are so sweet and special and unique; each one of them!

As much as I would like to keep all three, I can't. Having four cats in my room, on my bed, in my lap, is just a little too much. Plus there are two people who would like one of my Siamese kittens. :)


Scamper is the female and she is an exact replica of Skittles. I mean exact; down to the very image and attitude of her mama. She is full of energy and running around all over, all the time. She's the one who causes all the excitement and the last one to settle down for a nap. Hence, her name - she truly does scamper about! ;) She's also the one that has the short, stubby tail.


Snickers is a short-haired, beautiful male cat. He has the most beautiful blue eyes and by far is the bestest looking cat in the bunch with the longest tail! He's just so sweet and lovable as well. Every night, he is the first one to jump on the bed beside me and he's almost always there all night and every morning.

Reece's aka - the teddy bear!

Reece's is the long-haired male. He's a sweet, little, cuddly teddy bear. His fur is so much whiter and fluffier than the other two, that you just want to hug and squeeze him. He also has the sweetest personality of the three and is the most easy going. In the beginning he was the runt and now he's grown into the biggest of the three.

And Skittles, is well, just Skittles. As Krissa has termed her, "She's a possessed cat." Thankfully she is doing much better since I got home. Leaving her for a week with kittens, whom she thought were unprotected from my sisters since I was gone, really was depressing to her.

I didn't think it was as bad as Krissa described to me on the phone, but it truly was. Skittles just felt threatened that her kittens were running around all over and the girls would play with them and I wasn't there for her to feel that they were safe. And I will say, Skittles still hisses and growls at Jena and Krissa when they just walk through the area where her kittens are playing. And it's not just one hiss and one growl; I've never heard her carry on such a racket! And that's with me in the same room or nearby. I can only imagine it was much worse when I was gone.

Here's some more pics:

See the little teddy bear on the right? lol!!!

Whoever said cats don't watch movies??? All four of mine do!

Yep, they're still babies or think they are!

Just sleeping!

All four of my kitties!

How can any work get done when they are on my lap the moment I sit down??

Yes, they may think they are that dependent on their mama, but they are not!

Skittles keeping a look-out on my dresser

You try sleeping when you are invaded by three kittens!!

They just pretty much take-over, but they're sooooo cute! :)

Does this look a bit familiar???? I'm telling you - Scamper is a miniature Skittles!


  1. Awww! How cute! I love the picture of all four of them laying on top of one another. :)


  2. They are absolutely PRECIOUS!!! I would have a very hard time choosing between any of them. I had to laugh when I read about poor Skittles hissing and growling at the mere presence of your sisters. Poor Skittles. I know she must have been overjoyed when you returned home!!


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