Wings As Eagles: A catch-up on Sunday School

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A catch-up on Sunday School

Spring is just around the corner and I still have winter decorations up at home and in my SS classroom, but that's just about to change. Before I change to spring (and I'm really excited as to what I have planned for SS, but I'm not giving any details out yet, except to say it will be a hopping fun time each Sunday!), I'm posting Christmas and winter as I realized I neglected to post those in the previous months.

Not that any of you missed that, I'm sure. But this blog is also file reference to me, so many times I will post things so I can come back later and see what I was doing at that time.

January 2009

January 2009

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008

I love this Christmas posterboard set - the figures are so cute!

Last year I did a workbook with the kids in my class. We decorated a little foam book and inserted memory verse, activities, lessons, pics, etc into the book which they could take home at the end of the year. They loved being able to write and paste things in their book every week.

some of my ss supplies

They wrote verses which matched the stickers

I read the story of Jesus' birth out of the Bible while they created the nativity scene with all the pieces as I was reading.

Pasted in memory verses

When we discussed Creation, we created a page for each day and listed what God created on that day.

For each Bible lesson, I had a clipart image to paste in their book and they had to write something that they learned about that character.

The next couple of months, I'm planning on continuing with my Old Testament lesson material. I started the OT in fall of 2007, starting with Creation and we've worked our way to Moses. I'm not moving that quickly, but many times I will teach the same lesson for two Sundays, just teaching it a different way or doing a more hands-on activity the second time to repeat it. The more they hear it, the more they will pick up and remember.

But I'm also going to start a mini-series on prayer. Like teaching them what prayer is, how do we pray, why do we pray, etc. We have already been singing some songs on prayer and I'll incorporate some activities and crafts over the next few months.

Plus the prayer topic goes perfectly well with my new spring classroom decor which I had a super-fantastic time creating today! ;)


  1. You do such creative things with your SS class!! I bet the kids love it and just hate to leave your class. :)


  2. I can't wait to see pictures of the spring Sunday School decor. Yes, it probably is time to take down the big snowmen in your house. I certainly did enjoy seeing pictures of all your Christmas decor. I use my blog for reference too--in fact last night I was looking through old blog posts to find a particular pattern I wanted to use again. By the way, I think we would love to see what you brought home from Sew Expo!! I'm SO jealous you got to go! One of these days, I hope to get up there myself!

  3. Some thoughts that came to me while I was reading your blog
    1) I would love to be in our Sunday School class. I love that you take so much time and effort to make it meaningful to the kids!
    2) I have been missing pictures of your decor etc., so you should be sure to keep posting them!

  4. I hope you are doing well, Serena. I look forward to seeing pictures of your spring Sunday School class decor, and hearing more about your sisters' job prospects. How is your Latte Quilt class coming along?

  5. Linda - There are pics on my embroidery blog of things that found their way home with me from Sew Expo and I'll be uploading pics of Joanna's dress as well. Latte class is going great!!! :)

    Miss N - Awwww....thanks! You have such creative ideas for your class; I remember seeing lots of neat stuff last year with the younger ones!


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