Wings As Eagles: A quick trip to Kentucky

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A quick trip to Kentucky

Krissa is in Lexington, Kentucky and just loving it! When I talked to her today, she said she loves the city already.....more places to shop! That I do agree with; Dodge is lacking in nice shopping places. But I'm not sure I would want to deal with all the traffic Krissa is faced with everyday.

Last week Krissa packed her car full to the brim and the van until it was just about bursting (Dad even managed to fit in an ENTIRE bedroom set in there!) and Thursday morning we set out for the 15 hour trek to Kentucky.

Friday, Krissa moved into her apartment or rather Dad and I moved Krissa into her apartment, since she was off taking care of some other things while we lugged heavy loads up the stairs. But she has a cute two bedroom apartment in a nice area of Lexington with a Wal-Mart close-by. :)

The one day we spent there, we looked at furniture, took care of things such as a bank account, insurance and other necessities. And Saturday morning we were headed back home to Kansas. Minus one vehicle, one person and a van-load of cargo.

Here's a few pics from her apartment and you can see more here:

talking on the phone, as usual

the tv came with the apartment! nice, isn't it?!

this is just a fraction of what she had!

making plans on what to do...

the real reason Dad came to Kentucky! Lol!!!! ;)

front door, bathroom door, second bedroom door

second bedroom door, living room, dining room

dining room, master bedroom door, kitchen


master bedroom with bathroom and walk-in closet

second bedroom with door to bathroom and walk-in closet

And the unpacking begins...

The only place I could pick up a weak wireless signal for about 5 minutes was in the corner of the second bedroom. Sad deal to not be online for 3 days!

Putting Krissa's bed together...did I mention she stole Jena's bedroom furniture?? Lol!!

It was a treat to see GREEN grass and BLOOMING flowers!

Since we had no furniture or mattresses, Dad slept here....

...and Kris and I slept here......I can't say it was the most restful of nights, but we survived!


  1. Krissa's apartment is just beautiful. I'm so glad she found a good place to live. I live very close to a SuperTarget, and can attest to the convenience of having a store like that "just around the corner". You really packed a lot into a single day! I hope she will be very happy there.

  2. I'm sad I didn't get to go! :(


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