Wings As Eagles: The triplets are gone and only twins remain

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The triplets are gone and only twins remain

Yes, I knew it was coming, but I hated to give away one of my little furry triplets. Reece's has a new home with two little girls who love him to pieces, so I don't think he'll be missing me that much. Skittles seemed to sense that she was missing one of the three, but Snickers and Scamper are fine as long as they have each other to play with. I have the twins, for now....

Reece's - just look at that cute, fuzzy face?!?!

They love sleeping together!

With Skittles not far away!

Sometime they do find rather unusual places to sleep!

Skittles guarding her babies from Jena when she comes in my room! She hates Jena with a passion! When Jena walks downstairs and picks up one of her kittens, you'll hear growling, screaming and hissing! little babies!


  1. I visited your blog yesterday afternoon to see how your little kittens were doing. I'm sorry you had to give one away, but I'm sure little Reece's will be very happy in his new home. He is just adorable!

    All these pictures are just precious. I know you must have so much fun with them! I had to laugh at the picture of Skittles valiantly guarding her sleeping kittens from poor Jena!

    I hope you are doing well and that your Latte Quilt classes are going well!

  2. Yes, I love those little babies....which aren't so little anymore! :)


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