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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spring Cleaning: The schoolroom

The schoolroom will always be the schoolroom, even though none of us are still in school. Just like Krissa and Jena's room will always be called such, even though they are moving out.

I really wasn't looking forward to tackling this room, because it was such a mess as you can see by the photo below. Part of it is because Jena has some of her stuff in there and then I have Sunday School, Kid's Klub and camp items everywhere.

But anyway, clean it I did. I still would like to spend more time organizing and sorting my SS and camp material. I keep stationary, Bible books, craft ideas and other things in the desk, so I really need to go through that at some point. But it's ok for now and much better than before.

Here's my checkoff list:

X basic cleaning (see below)
X organize it (see below)
X rearrange furniture
X sort SS & Kid's Klub material
X move Krissa's stuff downstairs
X new clock

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