Wings As Eagles: More pics of my babies!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

More pics of my babies!

How is it that Skittles and Scamper always look the cutest when I'm trying to clean and involved in something? When I'm ready and waiting with a camera, they never seem to cooperate. I couldn't resist and stopped for a moment to shoot a few pics!

Btw - After a rough week, Skittles is doing well since her surgery. Thankfully she seems to be back to her normal, playful self. :)

The baby is almost as big as mama!

They still love each other and sleep together!

Poor baby - she gets kissed 100 million times a day!

I'm a sweet kitty! :)

Me too! :)

Her shaved paw looks so funny where her IV was last week!

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  1. Your babies are really cute & they do look a little spoiled.
    Prayers, Bo


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