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Friday, May 15, 2009

Spring Cleaning: The guest bedroom

This room was a breeze since I had already cleaned the majority of it a couple months ago, so I just did a quick touch-up in some areas and cleaned the outside windows.

Here's my checkoff list:

Guest room:
X basic cleaning
X organize it
X decide on quilt/stitch pillows
stitch curtains
X hang up blinds
X move Jena's stuff downstairs

Then to decide what quilt to put on the bed.....

Burgundy & Ivory (Jena thinks this quilt is hers)

Yellow & Purple

Old-fashioned looking pink

I was planning on doing the pink, but after putting all three quilts on the bed, I am leaning toward the burgundy & ivory. The burgundy quilt and purple quilt have more color to them which brightens up the white walls.

So, I'm still not sure....and I can't do curtains or a bedskirt until I make a decision on the quilt.

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  1. YUP! that quilt is mine whenever Mr. Right shows up! :)


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