Wings As Eagles: Guest room is clean and furniture has arrived

Monday, April 20, 2009

Guest room is clean and furniture has arrived

Our converted guest room is on it's way to being completed. It's cleaned and painted and the furniture was delivered a week ago. I even bought pillows and sheets last week since the sheets we have are too small to fit the deeper mattresses.

I also ordered blinds which should arrive this week. And then I have to decide what to do for curtains. But before I decide that, I have to decide what quilt I'm going to put on that bed. It's not like that is a must-have-tomorrow decision, but I've been thinking about it.

My first choice would be to put my Latte Quilt in that room, but that's not going to happen now since that quilt will not be complete until next year when my classes are finished.

Second choice would be my burgundy Beyond the Color Purple quilt. Jena thinks that quilt is hers, since it's burgundy, but it's still mine. Maybe I'll give it to her as a wedding gift one of these years.
Third choice would be my yellow/purple MJE quilt. I'm staying away from this one just because the colors are really bolder than what I want in that room.

Fourth choice would be my pink MJE quilt. That is my number one pick right now as it is the best match for the paint, the quilt and shams are complete and it's a soft color tone for that room. I'm just not too thrilled about doing pink in that room. Hmmm.....

What do you think? It's not like I don't have any choices or anything....:)

And if you are wondering what happened to all of Jena's stuff that she had in that's now in....
...the schoolroom and... Dad's room.

And in another month will be hopefully out of both rooms! Not that I'm trying to get rid of Jen or anything, but since she made the decision to move, she can take her stuff with her. ;)


  1. Well, I like the pink quilt. However, considering that the guest room is for male or female, I would pick the blue one or one you called purple/yellow, I believe.

  2. I like the pink quilt.
    By the way good luck on getting those things out of the house, just because she moved out....I still have things here that both our sons left, one has been married for 11 years and the other for almost 8 years.
    Prayers, Bo

  3. What a tough decision with pretty quilts like that laying around. ;) What a problem to have!! :)

    I like all of them by the way, so I'm no help. :)


  4. I love that pink quilt! If I ever get married that one's mine:)

  5. bopeep - Yes, there is and will be stuff remaining behind. Not much, but a little. :)

    Bethanne - I'll keep that in mind! ;)

    I'm still undecided about the quilt situation; maybe something will jump out at me next week when I really start cleaning. Maybe....


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