Wings As Eagles: A perfect Sunday afternoon

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A perfect Sunday afternoon

A glimpse of my Sunday....

I was so pleased with my Sunday School class this morning; it went splendidly well! More on that in a later post with my new Spring decorations and a funny aspect of that too. :)

It was warm enough to go outside and sit in the sun, so I took my blanket, computer and earphones and laid out in the sun for about an hour. I was more thrilled about the opportunity to take a nap, than to get a tan. But my excuse was "trying to get a little more sun", but that will take a while. More excuses to take naps in the future! ;)

I came inside and finished putting up a few things in my room and straightened up my sewing room to start some class lessons tomorrow. I started cleaning my room when I got home from Colorado last week and now I'm itching to continue spring cleaning.

Ok now, back to the perfect Sunday afternoon and reasons for this post.........

1. It's 6:30 and there's nothing I HAVE to do tonight before tomorrow. It's already done! WhooHooo!!!!

2. I'm sitting at the kitchen table with my computer (blogging!), watching Andy Griffith. Just finished the Pickle Story - one of my favs! Jena actually turned it on as she's sitting on the bar with her computer. After I finished downstairs, I settled in to listen while completing other tasks....see below.

3. Diet Mt. Dew and popcorn - umm...ummmm...good! And yes, Joanna, I will eat the whole bag. By the time you would get here to get some, it would be gone. ;)

My planner open in front of me. I'm planning out the remainder of April and then May for my classes, spring cleaning, room arrangement and so forth. I'm itching to start cleaning and I'm not quite sure why???? Cleaning is not something you are supposed to be looking forward to, is it???


  1. It sounds like your weekend is going great, by the way that is one of my favs on Andy too. And I am setting here with popcorn & Pepsi.
    Prayers Bo


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