Wings As Eagles: To Colorado and back

Friday, April 17, 2009

To Colorado and back

My Easter weekend trip to Colorado turned out to be fun and exciting as usual! I had several reasons for making this trip to CO and was able to get all those accomplished. Hooray!

Snickers - Joanna wanted one of my Siamese kittens and since she didn't want another Skittles (have I mentioned that Scamper is the exact replica of Skittles??), Snickers is the one! He did really well traveling the 6 hours and the trip went by really quickly. The fact that my attention was on this little four-legged furball probably helped that fact greatly. He was a little fussy getting started, but soon settled down on my lap, above my head or around my neck and was content.

Here are some pics and yes, I did take these while I was driving, but I was careful! :) My only fear is that I would get stopped and a police officer would see this cat near my head. I'm sure I would have been in trouble...more pics are here....

he started out in my lap...

then moved to the headrest...

and onto my head for the remainder of the trip!

He's adjusted very well at Joanna's house. It took Zippy (Joanna's cat) a few days to adjust to this little white rat running around all over her room, but they seem to have become friends. As long as Snickers doesn't steal all of Zippy's places to sleep, he'll be fine. And Zippy latched onto Snicker's toy mouse that I brought. :)

sleeping with Joanna

sleeping on top of us while we were watching a movie

Denver Fabrics - How can I not go to Colorado and not visit Denver Fabrics? I suppose it is possible, but that would be disappointing. But I did really have a valid reason for going. Really. Honestly. And it wasn't just more fabric for me, although I did find some. Don't laugh, cause Joanna found some too. :)

I managed to get a couple pieces for a bedspread I am stitching for a customer. And I found the perfect combination of fabrics for bathroom curtains. I've looked all over here and online and haven't found a thing. But what I did find was perfect and I love it and the stripe fabric was even on sale (reg. 22.00, sale 7.00)! How fantastic is that?!?! I was hoping for something striped, but didn't think I would find it.

Fabric for bathroom curtains - see that stripe?! I love it and it blends well with the green solid and towels (it looks better in person than this photo!)

Ok, I will admit, I did find some pieces for me. I'll even show you what I bought and it's not that much. Plus I can't get quality, inexpensive garment fabric around here, so I stock up when I can.

Black with pink stripe - What can I say - it's black! And you know I never have enough black stuff to wear! But this has a pink stripe which makes it unique.

Black sparkle sheer
- I'm not sure what I'm doing with this, but I loved it. And if I didn't get it, Joanna was going to, so of course, I did. ;)

Gray plaid
- Joanna actually picked this one up and then decided that she didn't need it since she had like 8 yards of it at home, so I took it.

Brown embroidered suede
- This just feels so nice and I love the embroidery!

Now this is not typical me. The eyelash knit caught my eye because of the color - a beautiful aqua/blue! It just looked so spring looking. Then Joanna found the wild print on the left to go with it. It's quite bold with it's large yellow, orange and green floral print, but it does match the blue really well. I'm still not sure about the print and looking at it in this photo versus in person is not improving my opinion on it. But I'll make a skirt out of it and see how it turns out.

The Thorn
- Ok, perhaps my main reason for going to Colorado was to see the Thorn, which is a theatrical production depicting Jesus' death and resurrection. It was excellent! If you ever get a chance to go, you should!

I planned to go to church Sunday morning with Joanna and then start for home, but the weather did not cooperate with my plans. Joanna kept saying on Friday that I would get snowed in and wouldn't be able to return home Sunday and guess what happened? Yep, you couldn't have planned it any better, Joanna! ;) (btw, I know she's reading this! lol!) We ended up getting a full 8" of wet, heavy snow and we did not go anywhere on Sunday. Monday morning was bright and sunny and was the perfect weather for driving home.

My car was covered with snow; of course it was the one with the most!

And while we were getting snow in CO, it was pouring rain here in Kansas. Yes, pouring! Dad said we got 2 1/2"! Praise the Lord for that because we needed it so badly!

Skittles and Scamper back home were a little lost without Snickers and of course, me. The moment I walked in the door, Skittles was in the kitchen to greet me. As usual, she looked thinner than when I left. She's most certainly a one person cat and if I'm not home, she's not happy. Especially if Jena is home.

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  1. Driving with a cat on your head... lol Yeah, you would've had alot of explaining to do I bet. :)

    The material is really pretty--I really like the one for the bathroom curtain. (Yay for such a bargain!)

    Oh, and I think that floral print will make a pretty skirt!



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