Wings As Eagles: Spring Cleaning: The kitchen, utility room & bathroom

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spring Cleaning: The kitchen, utility room & bathroom

I've been wanting to tackle these rooms, especially the kitchen for quite a while. Krissa and Jena both took things from my cabinets when they moved, so it's time to do some resorting.

X basic cleaning
X organize it
X wash & sort cabinets
X clean fridge
X defrost freezer
X clean oven
X clean microwave
X clean dishwasher
X dust/Windex skylight
X find home for new crockpot
X organize cookbook shelf
X sort recipes

You can't ever have TOO many cookbooks!

But they did need sorted and organized - much better!

And I found a home for my new crockpot!

Shelves, closets and every drawer and cabinet are clean and organized!

I think the cat and dog treat supply is ample! ;)

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  1. Your posts on organization and cleaning are always very inspirational to me. They always encourage me to undertake a little organization and cleaning project of my own. By the way, that is a VERY impressive Crock Pot you have there!!! I hope you are doing well, and I hope this summer will be productive and joyful for you!


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