Wings As Eagles: It's time for a bath!

Friday, June 12, 2009

It's time for a bath!

I've been trying to figure out the best way to combat the hair my cats leave on my bed and chair, so I googled, "how to keep cats from shedding?". One of the search results: give them a bath.

Yeah, sure! Actually the concept of giving cats a bath is not a new one to me. In the summer time when we had Rascal, he would get a bath about once a month because his long hair just caught everything. He finally learned to tolerate it and just sat in the tub, looking at you with those pitiful blue eyes.

Skittles and Scamper are another story. I really didn't think it would be that bad, considering that I took Sissie (my cat before Skittles) a bath and while she didn't like it, she didn't resist me. Note to myself to remember in the future: Skittles is much more hyper, stubborn and playful than Sissie and her kitten, Scamper, is just like her.

I figured Scamper would be worse than Skittles, so I started with her. The poor thing thought I was drowning her the way she screamed in addition to Skittles howling on the other side of the bathtub door. But I managed to get her wet, washed with shampoo and rinsed off with me just barely getting wet and no scratches.

One down and one to go!

Skittles was a terror! As soon as I grabbed her and stepped into the tub, she started clawing up my shoulder with HUGE black eyes focused on ME! I managed to get her paw down in the 3" bath of water and that was it. With her howling and Scamper screaming on the other side of the door like she herself was getting another bath, I could not get her back into the water.

After trying to get that hysterical cat back in the water several times, I ended up soaking wet and displaying some rather large scratch marks. If I would have let her, I think she would have scaled the bathtub wall!

I finally threw Scamper out of the bathroom since her racket was not helping the situation one bit and ended up sticking Skittles in the sink, got her wet, shampooed and rinsed off. Finally.

I dried both of them off and in 30 minutes time, they were both happy and content. They don't carry grudges for long! ;)


  1. oh my word Serena! They look like twins...Skittles is so big! Glad you survived the baths! :)

  2. Oh goodness. I really need to bathe little Emilia but I must say I do NOT look forward to it. The description of your experience makes me want to put it off even longer. However, they do look so beautiful and fluffy in the "after" picture. I'm sure their coats were soft as down and smelled so sweet! I hope your poor shoulder heals quickly!

  3. I have only had one cat that loved her bath. Miss Mildred, she loved her bath and then she would lay on the bathroom counter and be dryed with the blow dryer.
    Prayers, Bo


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