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Monday, June 29, 2009

Vacation Bible School - Operation Space

The last couple of months I've been working on crafts (I'm the craft director) for Vacation Bible School at church. Our theme is Operation Space and learning about the Bible and His creation. VBS is the third week of July (yep, right after two weeks of camp!), so I've had to get all my crafts, decorations and supplies done and ready before I leave this weekend. A challenge for sure, but I'm just about 10 minutes away from being done!

I'm using one corner of the fellowship hall for our craft area and have been trying to develop a plan for an outer space themed area. After multiple sketches and trial & errors, I decided to block off a 20' area with black tulle.

My plan is to use my photo/quilt background stands and rods to drape tulle to create a wall and ceiling. I started out with a basic plan of the stands and string to hang up the tulle. And then when that didn't work, I went to Dad for ideas. He is making a couple of wooden stands to use and then cutting pvc pipe to connect them and hold the tulle. Magnificent!! I can ALWAYS come up with the ideas and then Dad has to figure out how to make them work! :)

After the black tulle is draped, I have stars and spaceships to hang from the ceiling and wall to create a space area. Sounds cool, doesn't it?? Hopefully all will work as planned when it comes to decorating the church in 2 1/2 weeks.

Oh, wait!!! That's not all!!! Erinn (one of the gals helping me with crafts) and I went to the Learning Center (gotta love that place!) and created signs as well!!! Just take a peek at the entrance and exit signs - I'm sooooo excited!!!!



I still need to add red crepe paper to the end of each rocket to add some more flair, but aren't they cute?!?! We are hoping to part the black tulle for a tunnel effect and putting these signs up to enter in and exit out.

In my sketches, it works beautifully and in real life, hopefully it will fantastic!!!

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