Wings As Eagles: Blast Off for Operation Space!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blast Off for Operation Space!

It's time to BLAST OFF!!!

Our week of VBS at church went wonderfully well! I have to admit, it was a busy week and after two weeks of camp plus this week of VBS, I was exhausted. But every night was fun and exciting! There were lots of people who put in countless hours and it was fun to see all the hours of work come together for the final event!

We had around 40 kids every night, which I was very happy with considering this is the first VBS in quite a while there. The first night we had 23 kindergartners trying to put together the Robo Robot craft in only 20 minutes. Just imagine 23 little hands trying to cover cereal boxes bodies, cardboard roll arms and index card feet with foil! Then add foam eyes, colored paper squares and silver chenille antennas. Yes, it was quite the evening Monday night!

Thankfully there were three of us working with crafts that night starting with the first group of the oldest kids. Our little group of four turned into about 18 by the time our last group, all 23 kindergartners, came trooping through. As I saw how much time these robots were taking to put together, I started recruiting more help, knowing that this last group would require the most attention. Anyone who passed by the craft tent was pressed into service! I mean anyone - even Pastor Kirk was in there helping wrap foil onto cereal boxes.

But with all the combined help of everyone, we made it successfully!! The kids had a marvelous time and it was fun to watch them play with their robots for the remainder of the evening. Worth every moment of panic! ;)

And then Tuesday night, one of the guys from church had this mischievous smile and told me that our group of kindergartners would be doubling tonight! To which I responded that if that happened I was putting him in charge of crafts that night! I admit, Monday night I was a little frazzled, but the other nights went very smoothly. And no, we did not have 50 kindergartners. :)

Here's a few pics from our week of VBS and you can see the full details here:

It was so fun watching the little ones singing!

Bible reading clipboard!

Be sure to use lots of glue!

Making space rockets!

Enter into the spaceship tunnel...

...and out into space!

Counting pennies!

Our craft space turned out so neat, created with yards and yards of tulle!

Blast Off Into Space!

Return to Earth!

All ready for Monday night!

Isn't that spaceship just the coolest thing?! Our decorating team did such a great job!

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