Wings As Eagles: "Normal" feels so nice!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Normal" feels so nice!

Ahhh...what can I say? I think the return to a normal week is happening! As much as I loved everything I did in July, I must say having the beginning of a normal week is just so wonderful. Two weeks of CEF camp, one week of Vacation Bible School and then this last week of returning to work and getting caught up on classes, emails, orders, sewing, paperwork and taping made for a very full and exhausting month! But I'm not sure I would have changed one bit of it!

As I was cooking several things for one of our neighbors who passed away last Friday, I kept thinking to myself, "I am so ready for a normal week. Normal week as in my schedule of work, cooking, cleaning, laundry and such...back to normal."

And how wonderful it felt to actually be working in the kitchen again! Thankfully, as was my plan, I had plenty of food for the two weeks I was at camp, the week of vbs and my catch-up week of business work. I haven't done any cooking for a month! Well, unless you call fixing hamburger helper or baking a frozen pizza (I didn't even bake my homemade one...desperate times call for desperate measures!) or warming up leftovers "cooking".

Over the weekend I was able to fully unpack from camp and put away things from teaching at camp and vbs, which felt so wonderful! And Sunday as I was planning out my week, I thought to myself, "I think I can actually go to bed before midnight this week." How wonderful! Now...just getting my body to adjust to that! :)

Normal is wonderful! Oh...and my two cats agree with me! :)


  1. She's back to making her plans. Yep, all is back to normal for sure.

  2. I bet Skittles and Scamper are quite delighted that you are back to a normal schedule...and home from camp!!! :)

  3. I'm so glad you are back, and you survived your hectic July! I'm sure your father and your kitties are so thankful that the "heart of the household" has returned to them!

  4. Funny, Joanna...just too funny! ;)

    Yes, my kitties are sooo glad I'm home!


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