Wings As Eagles: Just "nothing" and then a whole lot of something in one day!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Just "nothing" and then a whole lot of something in one day!

I can't say I'm a fan of doing nothing, but it seems as though that is the only thing I've gotten accomplished this month. After the hustle and bustle of July, it seems as though my body is taking its own sweet time in recovering. My list of things to do hasn't decreased (although the first couple of weeks of August did slow down a little), but my energy level for doing it just disappeared. However, I'm optimistic - this is a new week! :)

Last Thursday I spent the day in Newton and Wichita. I met with Deb Gilmore, one of the ladies in my online quilt class to discuss fabric, quilts, etc. It was fun to get together and chat. We are planning some fun and new satin and fairy frost quilt blocks (with machine embroidery!), so I'm looking forward to inventing some new ideas.

Then I dropped by to see Sharon Regier and her family. Oh, what a time we had! Lauren, Clara, Luke and Nehemiah were so thrilled to see me; I'm not quite sure why - I just spent two weeks of camp with them in July! ;) We had a blast checking out how tall we were, riding bikes, playing games, eating lunch, planting soybeans and chatting so fast I could hardly tell what they were saying!

One of things I've laughed and laughed at is Luke! When I got there, he told me that every time he thinks about Clara going to school, he has a conniption (def: a fit of rage, hysteria, or alarm)! And any of you who've been to camp with 3 1/2 yr. old Luke would know exactly how he pronounces each word with his facial and hand expressions.

Apparently he's not too thrilled about his older sister, Clara, starting school this year. I'm not quite sure he even knows what the word means, but he sure can say it (if you listen close, you can understand what he's saying as well!) Fun times!!

Then I went on to Wichita to do some shopping and of course, I didn't have enough time to go everywhere I wanted to, but had a fun time shopping around. I did have several specific stores in mind to go to like Office Depot and Office Max looking for a letter file for my desk. Still have yet to find what I want.

I did manage to find a silver pair of dress shoes which I had been on the lookout for. And they were even on sale! Plus, I admit, I did find a pink pair as well which wasn't quite as much as a need, but....I have lots of pink clothes, so I'll put them to good use.

And then I went to Hancock Fabrics looking for several things. I started browsing the decorator fabrics looking for a gold/tan piece to blend with something I already have. And what did I immediately see? The perfect and most beautiful fabric for something that I didn't even have on my list to shop for! Of course! I did get 8 yards of it, but I haven't firmly planted in my mind what exactly I'm going to do with it, but I'm thinking about it....I know, like I need more fabric!

As far as the gold/tan piece...I found just what I needed except they did not have enough of it. So I was told to go to the west store and they would probably have the yardage I needed. Sure, I thought to myself, I can do that; it will be on my way out of town anyway. So I asked for the address and plugged that into my gps.

Uh...yeah...I spent the next hour driving around all over Wichita because that gps did not know where that store was. Really! Seriously!! It initially started taking me east, which I thought wasn't right, but trusted it. Umm...nope, that was the wrong thing to do! I never did find it, but after the three hour drive home thinking about it, I'm fairly sure I know where it is. And that was without the help of my gps. What did I buy that thing for anyway?? lol!!

The really sad part of that driving around for an hour happened on the way home. Right outside of Wichita, I stopped to get something to drink (that's the best place to stop for dt. mt. dew!) and looked at my gas tank. No problem; I knew I'd have enough gas to get home. I can always get to Wichita and back on only one tank of gas.

So I started on my journey, thinking about where that fabric store was, what I was going to use that new fabric I bought for, when I could come back since I still had things I needed, etc. I was talking to Krissa on the phone when I heard that familiar ring of an empty gas tank. Yeah, it's 10pm, I just passed the last town with a gas station, realized that I missed the turnoff for the shortcut home and just lost Krissa on the phone because my phone now said, "No Service".

Believe me, I turned everything off in my car that even might possibly use any gas - gps, radio, computer, air conditioner. Not only would I dread calling Dad to come get me for the fact that I ran out of gas, but not having the ability to do that at the touch of my fingertips, was not something I wanted to happen.

Thankfully I did make it to Dodge, filled up my car with gas and then when I called Krissa back, do you know what she did? She just laughed! All I told her was how would she like to be without gas, no cell phone, no computer, no gps, in the dark, at 10pm at night, on the side of the road? I wonder what really happens when your car runs out of gas? I'm not sure I want to know...

I made it home, unloaded my car, told Dad I still needed to go back to Wichita again, checked my email and went to bed. Next time, I think I might fill up with gas before I leave Wichita, just to be on the safe side! :)


  1. It's so good to see a post from you. I hope you have been able to rest just a little bit and are starting to feel somewhat recovered from your extremely busy July! It sounds like you had a wonderful time visiting and shopping.

    I really hope you can find that gold/tan piece of fabric. If that other store doesn't have it either, could you possibly check on their on-line store? We have a couple of Hancock Fabrics here in Dallas. I would be happy to check with them if you would like me to.

    I am SO thankful you didn't run out of gas at 10:00 at night!!!! I don't even like to think about your running out of gas late at night in a remote location.

    So, now that you have the busyness of summer coming to a close, what are your plans for Autumn? Will you be bringing out the scarecrows for little Scamper to terrorize?

  2. LOL! I'm with Krissa in that I laughed.

  3. Linda: Yes, I'll check online as well...hopefully I'll be able to find it. :) And yes, yesterday I already started thinking about fall decorations. Hopefully all will not be disturbed by my cats! :)

    Joanna: Not you too! How would you like to have to call your dad or brother and admit you ran out of gas?

  4. I too, Just have to laugh. Sorry.

  5. Seeing as it turned out all right, those of us looking at it from the outside find it quite funny. Sorry. Luke

  6. True. I'd probably laugh as well! In fact, Krissa has had some really funny things happen over the last several years that she's been away from home. And I'm sure she hasn't told me all of them. :)


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