Wings As Eagles: This time it wasn't me that called home...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This time it wasn't me that called home...

It was about 4:00 this afternoon when the phone rang and I picked it up seeing it was Dad calling...

Me: Hey, Dad!

Dad: Hey...I'm spraying Max's (one of our neighbors) field and I need you to come get me. (This isn't too uncommon since he usually asks me to come get him to move machinery or move to another field.)

Me: Ok...where are you at?

Dad: Well, I'm out in the middle of the field, but I'll walk up to the road so you'll know where I'm at. I hit a mud hole and I need the shovel in the back of my pickup.

Me: You mean you're stuck?

Dad: Uh...yeah, I'll have to dig out my sprayer. They must have gotten more rain here than we did.

Me: laughing, laughing, laughing

That's the first time that Dad has called home, saying he was stuck and needed someone to come get him. Usually it's one of us girls (although he's not driving to Kentucky or Oklahoma if Jena or Krissa call him now.) :)

Yep, the sprayer is out there in the middle of the field...stuck! See it way out there?

Dad headed back out with a shovel to start digging!

Lady had to come with me; anytime she spots Dad's black pickup, she's begging to jump in for a ride!


  1. Oh goodness!! I'm so glad you were there to help him, and I'm sure he is glad as well.

    I hope he got his equipment 'unstuck' and was able to continue with his work.

  2. Even Dad's & Mom's need help every now and then. I am glad you are there to help him. Bless His Heart.
    Prayers, Bo

  3. I can't say as I helped that much as all I did was drive the pickup out there; Dad did all the digging. :) And yes, he managed to get out and finish spraying that field.


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