Wings As Eagles: VBS Craft Work Day

Thursday, July 2, 2009

VBS Craft Work Day

For the last two months I've been planning and organizing crafts for VBS. This last month, I gave up on keeping the schoolroom organized and just left everything as is and worked on it as I had time. But believe it or not, I really DO know where everything is in that room! :)

Then I packed up everything and took it to the church!

Erinn, Denise and I planned a craft day at church to get the crafts finished up and all the supplies bagged and ready for class! We worked for several hours and were able to get everything taped, glued, cut, folded, sorted, organized, bagged and boxed! Whoohoo!!

Here's the plan: (because you know, I can't do ANYTHING without a plan! ;))

Day 1: Robo Robot!

Day 2: Time Warp Capsule & Grow-Up Growth Chart!
Day 3: Flying Rocket!

Day 4: Cadet Clipboard, Cosmic Pen and Space Scene!

Giant Mr. Robot and Baby Mr. Robot - they even made it to the church with no more cuts or bruises! See my photos here for the cut-up robot tummy! ;)

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