Wings As Eagles: CEF Camp - Esther & 600 people!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

CEF Camp - Esther & 600 people!

In and amongst all the VBS stuff I'm planning and doing, I'm also getting geared up and ready for two weeks of camp! I'm so excited as we actually have two FULL weeks of kids, meaning that we will have 100 kids each week plus staff. It will be a busy two weeks!

Our theme this year is Esther and I'm really excited because I've taught Esther before so that means a little less prep work for me. That also means this will be my 7th year teaching after counseling for 5 years and attending as a camper for 2. That's 14 years of attending camp...whew!!! That's a long time! :)

Shhh....don't tell, but I still have yet to finish all my lesson material. I know it's there and it's all written and done, I just need to sort through it and review it. But hey, it's only Wednesday...that leaves 3 more days! (Of course, that's not the only thing I'm doing over the next three days...)

I'm teaching 1st-3rd graders this year and that's another thrill!! I love teaching those groups of little ones! They are soooo sweet!

Oh, yes...I've been cutting out people for camp. Yes, people. These little 4" paperdolls that are to represent the Jewish people Esther is saving from Hamann's decree. This is my stack of 600 people...only 2400 more to go...before Saturday!

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