Wings As Eagles: Ryan & Krissa. Engaged.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ryan & Krissa. Engaged.

Ryan & Krissa are engaged!!! I've known about it for months (although it wasn't official until a couple weeks ago), but I'm still in a little bit of shock that my youngest sister is engaged to be married next summer. However, I couldn't be more happy for her and Ryan or for our family! And as we're discussing details, arranging things and chatting every few days (thank goodness for skype, cell phones and email!), it's starting to sink in more and more and actually seem real.

We are spending Thanksgiving in Kentucky and soooo looking forward to chatting, planning and shopping!!! I have a feeling Jena and I will be making a few more trips to Kentucky in the upcoming months! :)

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  1. Just had to prove that I do read your blog. I can't believe it either! But I'm so thankful for you and all the help you've given!! Love you!!


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