Wings As Eagles: It's time to sort and organize!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's time to sort and organize!

The last few weeks I've been planning out Kid's Klub and Sunday School lessons for the new year and the schoolroom which houses all my teaching material has been quite in a state of stacks of stuff! I can only tolerate it for so long and then something has to be done!

And when I have to move to the next room to find enough floor space, then it's definitely time to resort and organize.

So I pulled out my computer and put in one of my favorite shows and got started!

As I started sorting through my piles of stuff, I started taking mental inventory of what I actually have and fully and wholeheartedly concluded that I have ample for the next 50 years of my life. Seriously.

Every time I see ANY greeting cards, notepads, stationary or sticky notes, I'm going to remember this photo. No more; I have ample.

Props and play clothing to use for skits and Bible plays...I've collected and made enough stuff to be sufficient.

Craft pom poms and chenille stems; full to the brim. As for this pile, I must state that some of this was given to me which I could hardly refuse. I mean, I really will eventually use it for some craft project at some time. :)

Posters, bulletin board materials, laminated sheets, decoration cutouts. I don't care what sale items I find, I have every single season covered (more than once) and many Biblical themes to keep my SS classroom supplied for years.

Ahhh...foam! I love using foam for craft ideas, but I seriously do have enough letters, shapes, sheets, holidays, animals, etc.

Footprints and paperdoll people. Plenty. Maybe I should plan on using paperdoll people at camp again this year?!?!

Ahh...what a difference! Now if I can just keep it this way! :)

Posters and decorations all stored in one place on one wall. Flat and protected.

Even the closet is organized. Much better! :)

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