Wings As Eagles: New year; new cleaning schedule!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New year; new cleaning schedule!

Last year as I tackled spring cleaning our house by myself, I determined next year would be different. I decided that instead of spending 2-4 weeks in April/May, that I would take one or two rooms a month and break it up over a year.

Plus I always start with full gusto in Dad's room and work my way through the house and by the time I get to the utility room, I really don't care if I've cleaned every single speck of dust behind the baseboards...I just want it done. So if I break it up over a year's time, we'll have an evenly cleaned house. Hopefully. ;)

It's January 2010 and time to get started! There were a couple of days last week where it was warm enough that I could leave the windows open, so I got to work. Even Dad's "What in the world are you doing cleaning the windows in January?" comment couldn't change my mind! :)

Since I already sorted things in the schoolroom, I started in there, did that room and the guest room. Finished. Complete. Only thing is that I can't do the outside of the windows since Dad always puts away the hoses for winter. So cleaning outside windows will be a spring job only.

Oh, yeah...I still need curtains and a bedskirt in that room. And that might just happen by the end of the month. Maybe....

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