Wings As Eagles: The ever-elusive tabbed folders

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The ever-elusive tabbed folders

Doesn't it just drive you crazy when you discover that you are just a few short of what you need?! Well, even if it doesn't drive you crazy, it does me. :)

Last fall I totally reorganized and sorted my recipes and many of the ones Mom had and combined them all into one notebook, created my own folders, pages, etc. I wanted to use some fun colored tabs, so I dug around in my pile of office supplies and found 15 tabbed folders which I had previously bought and didn't use at the time. Perfect. I'll just use those.

They worked great! Large enough, easy to quickly scan and flip to...only thing is that I needed an additional 4 tabs to complete the last four sections. No problem; I'm sure Wal-Mart still has them. You must understand at this point that it's been over a year since I bought those folders and Wal-Mart has completely redone their store and they don't carry half of what they used to have on their shelves (which is an entirely other issue of frustration).

So, in and amongst my many trips to Hutchinson and Wichita last year and this year, I stopped at every Wal-Mart, Office Depot, Office Max, Staples and even online looking for those tabs. I'd given up; apparently they are not making that kind anymore.

My choices now were: just use a different style for the last four sections (and every single time I would open my recipe book, I would think about those odd-matching tabbed folders - trust me, I would) or completely replace ALL the tabs and start over (not something I really wanted to do). But I decided I didn't have any other choice.

Then what did I discover when I sorted all my Bible teaching material? Yep, one more package of those exact tabbed folders. 5 tabs and I needed only 4 more. Perfect! Complete! Cross that off my driving-me-crazy-list!


  1. The scary thing: I TOTALLY get the "4 odd tabs driving you crazy" thing.

  2. I love to share things like this with Tim.... "See Honey, I'm not the only one!"


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