Wings As Eagles: Kentucky!

Thursday, February 11, 2010 Kentucky!

It seems like the past few months I've had my sewing machines coming and going from my sewing room and this week has been no different, although for a much better reason than all the previous times! Since Krissa doesn't own a sewing machine and I'm supposed to be doing some sewing for her, I'm shipping one of my machines to Kentucky.

Jena and I are planning on spending a week with her this month and I'm sure I'll be doing some sewing as well as several other things while we're there!

Anyway, I was a little reluctant to ship my machine, but I really couldn't see any alternative, so Dad used an old toolbox he had and padded it with foam so it just fit my machine with room for a few sewing supplies as well.

It seemed to fit very snuggly and once we had it full, we snapped the lid shut. And when UPS picked it up, he asked me, "Is it a sewing machine?" Lol!!! He knows me all too well!!! :)

Hopefully I remembered to pack everything I'll need. More than likely, I'm sure there will be something I'll be wishing I had packed from my sewing room, but at least I know the most essential item will be there. :)

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