Wings As Eagles: Matthew - that greedy tax collector!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Matthew - that greedy tax collector!

Kid's Klub has gone extremely well and Erinn and I have greatly enjoyed spending every Wednesday afternoon with this group of kids. Also, having Debbie there to help fill in as needed every week has been a true blessing. Sure, there have been some trying moments, but anything that is worthwhile, takes work and effort, right? Yep!!

For a full slide show of photos, be sure to check out my pics on facebook here...

Here's a quick peek at our Bible hero and memory verse a couple weeks ago - Matthew!

I told the kids about Matthew, the greedy tax collector, and how he collected his share plus the Roman government's share of tax money. Then we acted out Matthew collecting the taxes and raising prices. (Their absolute favorite thing to do!)

I told Annalise that she had to look greedy! Does that expression spell greedy or what?! Love it!! :) So several of the tax payers filed past Matthew and dropped their coins into the bucket. And when the last one couldn't pay what she owed, the soldier took her to jail! (I find the fact that she was delighted to be thrown in jail slightly disturbing, don't you?!?! ;))

And then Erinn had this great idea for a memory verse review game! And the kids LOVED it!! (Another slightly disturbing fact - Erinn had many volunteers willing to stand with a bag over their heads! ;))

Follow along and say the verse...first, touch your toes...

...then face backwards...

...then sideways... to the front...

...and finally to the other side!

And the afternoon wouldn't be complete without playing the clothespin game!! :)

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