Wings As Eagles: Kentucky Trip Part 4: A few last highlights and the "relaxing moments" trip home.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Kentucky Trip Part 4: A few last highlights and the "relaxing moments" trip home.

Throughout the entire time Jena and I spent in Lexington, we had so much fun and just enjoyed being together with Krissa and Ryan. There are so many moments that we'll remember for years to come! Here's just a few more highlights from our week!

You can see the remaining pics from our trip here.

Jena couldn't endure an entire week without running!! But considering the fact that she's planning on running a full marathon in April, I guess she has to be prepared for that!

Krissa and I! We were still smiling after a few slightly hazardous driving episodes. :)

Emily and Jena choose to stay in the backseat. Good idea - probably safer. Ryan would agree! :)

Love those expressions!! Can't wait to see the people behind them again!!

Us three!!!

Of course, eating pickles was all part of the plan! And popcorn! And ice cream! So much for well-balanced meals!

Yes, we started on the third, last and large jar of pickles, thanks to Miss Muscles! ;)

We, again, filled Krissa's car up with gas - it didn't take her quite as long to guess what we did this time. :)

And then my dear sister opens up the car door and looks like this! Yeah, I was scared to death! Wouldn't you be the same?! :)

And then the journey home! Our first flight out of Louisville was delayed, which of course delayed everything else. So some relaxing (i.e. waiting in an airport) moments. Quite a few of them, actually. And of all things - did you know that Atlanta does NOT have free wireless internet?? What's this world coming to?? Sitting in that airport happened to be our longest relaxing moment. Of course! :)

We did get back to Oklahoma City with all our luggage intact. Glad to be home. Thrilled with the week we had with Ryan and Krissa. Thankful for a safe trip and fun family times. And then the feeling of....I really have to get back to work now after a week-long vacation, but I just don't want to.....

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