Wings As Eagles: Kentucky Trip Part 3: Sewing, decorating, shopping and "Well, this is embarrassing!"

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kentucky Trip Part 3: Sewing, decorating, shopping and "Well, this is embarrassing!"

I shipped my machine, so I knew I had sewing planned. It arrived perfectly, except for one little piece of plastic that was broken on the door of the case that holds my feet, but that's not too big of a deal. Ryan and Krissa both laughed at the crate it came in, but it served it's purpose.

As I unpacked that and prepared to stitch a few things, I began to think of where I was going to put my machine. I considered the floor, as I have done that before, but it's rather difficult to have a sewing machine on the floor with a foot petal stretched one foot in front of you, trying to make the machine go. Scratch that idea. Use the kitchen counter. Yep; that works!

We spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday shopping, decorating (you'll never believe what we came up with!), cake testing (that was fun!), bridesmaid dress hunting (got that accomplished!), shoe scavenging (that it an ENTIRE story in and of itself - thanks to the lost phone-speak to me baby!-Claire-DSW Shoes-strange phone conversation episode!) and gift registry planning (quite the adventure!).

We did some trial and error decorating at the church and reception area. Oh my - that was a blast! We tried a little bit of this on the railing...and I think we've got that figured out!

And then we tried this decorating just what would you call this??

All of us (except for Jena! :)) came to the conclusion that this is better!! :) lol!!! It actually started this way because I needed Jen to hold the fabric at the top so we could try wrapping the columns. Well, how can you wrap fabric without wrapping her in it?!?! ;)

Perfect!!! Now just stay there all night, Jen!!! :)

I know, I know...if this is the only idea we had, we are in huge trouble! :)

After spending the morning/afternoon shopping with Emily for dresses, we needed a lunch break! Especially Ryan! He endured hours of dress shopping with us! :)

And then Jena brought out her iphone (love that little piece of technology!) and we started watching youtube videos for advice and inspiration. Really!!! You wouldn't believe what's on youtube! Just as you can google anything for an answer; if you want a visual guide, youtube it! :)

So our next planned activity was gift registry shopping! You have no idea how Krissa has looked forward to touring Bed, Bath & Beyond with that little scanner in her hand! I'm not sure she was ready to let go of it when we left! But she had plenty of items to add to her list!

Believe it or not, Ryan did get a chance to scan in a few things!! :)

The hard part - decisions! But there seems to be enough choices, don't you think?!

And after those jam-packed full days of activity, how did our evenings usually end?? Yep, computers, facebooking each other in the same room (I know, it's silly, but we have fun with it!), talking, laughing, watching Andy Griffith....

....and oh, yeah....the "Well, this is embarrassing." message! I could try explaining the meaning of this, but it really wouldn't make a bit of sense, unless you were there. And when you are at the point of laughing so hard as we were, anything and everything seems funny! :)

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