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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

THAT stash of toys!

Interrupting this continuing series of my trip to Kentucky to report:

For the past several nights, I have been awakened by two cats digging and trying to scratch their way under my nightstand. The other night, I could take it no longer, so I took a deep breath and carefully stuck my hand into that darkened area, wondering what was drawing their attention there so frequently.

Since both my cats are indoor only cats, I knew it couldn't be a mouse (something that could have happened in past years!), but flies, bugs or crickets - now, that's another story. As my hand brushed against something furry with a long something, I began to wonder if this was a wise idea.

Thankfully, that furry, long thing was a toy mouse and not the real thing. Whew!! Would you believe those cats had stashed all this under there?

Those little black pom poms were Skittles's favorite toys as a kitten! I wondered just where they all disappeared to about a year or two ago! What was she doing? Stashing them away? For what? And I have no idea why she liked the black ones so well (she preferred the black to ANY of the colored ones); aren't cats color blind?!

Anyway, I discovered that they liked to carry those toys over to my nightstand, bat them under there and then try to retrieve them. One problem: there's only a one inch space between the bottom of the stand and the floor in the front. So they are only able to get their paws under there; yep, digging and scratching, trying to find that one toy!

Much to my dismay, after pulling out all those toys and throwing them clear across my room, Scamper promptly goes over to the now uncovered stash, picks one up in her mouth, comes over to the nightstand, sets it down and takes her paw and bats that black pom pom right back under the stand.

Why did I even bother getting all those toys out of there?!

Now back to my regularly scheduled blogging....:)

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